Every time I get a Telegram/WhatsApp ping from a Founder asking for a quick meeting about their project, I ask this question:


I know Deck is easy to read.

Deck takes less time.


Deck can hide PLENTY of things.

I am not saying Deck doesn’t work.

Founders have raised billions of $.

I have raised a few million $ too.

Deck works, but in many cases, Deck has severe limitations.

Instead, Whitepaper is the way to go.

Especially in Web3.

AI too.

Most emerging tech Startups need to have a whitepaper.

Why do I say Whitepaper is the way?

Let me share it from an investor point of view:

In the case of existing sectors, Investors have a thesis, expert analysts, data to crunch, and invested deals to map and, hence, are much ahead of the curve in understanding a Startup’s proposition.

But in the case of a new emerging sector or set of innovations in an emerging sector (for example, LLMs in AI, what will AI impact various businesses, Smartcontract in Web3, etc):