Web3 Principles, Paradigms and Revenue Models to Create New Web3 Business Models.

💡 The internet disrupted incumbents across industries and gave birth to products and business models that did not exist before it.

👉Make something people want and will pay for. Web3 or Web2 .

1. Web3: New Principles

Web2: Free. You pay with your data. In most cases.


Web3: Open data access to all

Web2: Untrusted Network


Web3: Trusted

Web2: Closed network. Permission-needed ← Want to extend/build on top of any product.


Web3: Permissionless. Extend. Compose.

Web2: Protocols Free. Platforms won’t pay for the protocol.


Web3: Protocols paid. Platform pay for the protocol.

Web2: Marginal costs tend to be zero.


Web3: A constant marginal cost. Blockchains have gas fees, and gas fees are constant for an interaction. Gas fees are different at different times.